Workout for children

Sunny Kids exercise is suitable for children aged 3-7. An experienced instructor who gives directions and motivates the children is leading the group. The main goal of Sunny Kids is to improve children's psychophysical abilities. During exercise, children take on natural forms of movement - running, climbing and jumping.

They will be introduced to different equipment such as balls, rings, ropes, tunnels, and elastics. Through the game they will learn to listen, to wait, to connect and interact with each other. 
The second training session of Sunny Kids, Piloga, is combination of basic elements of yoga and pilates for children. Piloga helps with body coordination, balance, teaches how to relax and breathe properly. Piloga improves movability, posture and helps with a positive self-image. It also has a very positive effect on child's social skills.

Sunny Kids exercise takes place twice per week for 90 minutes.

Price: 50 eur / month + membership fee

* * membership fee is paid at the beginning and is renewed once a year. The membership fee is 10 eur.