The supreme harmony of health, well being and happiness lies in the connection of body, mind and soul.

At Sunny Studio we offer a number of massage techniques and treatments:

  • full body massage,
  • partial body massage,
  • massage of the hands and head,
  • reflexology foot massage,
  • clinical aromatherapy massage,
  • massage with seashells and cinnamon,
  • massage with seashells and silk mask,
  • massage with silk scarves and saffron,
  • massage with silk scarves and silk mask,
  • aroma massage (Relax, Detox, Flow, Tonic),
  • Tui - na massage,
  • Thai / Shiatsu massage,
  • lymphatic drainage massage,
  • salt (anticellulite), coffee, lulur peeling,
  • perfect forms body sculpting treatment,
  • Decleor aromatherapy,
  • Corpo 02 EXCELLENS - removal of cellulite and fat deposits.

Full body massage

A massage with select oils for complete relaxation and improved circulation leaves you in better health and raised spirits.

Partial body massage

Massage of the back, neck and legs. The massage will reduce the pain in your spine and muscles, improve circulation and of course, put you in a better mood.

Massage of the hands and head

A full body massage with essential oils can be supplemented by a massage of the head for complete physical and mental relaxation.

Reflexology foot massage

There are certain pressure points on the feet that can greatly influence your health. By massaging the feet we can stimulate these reflex zones that are linked to all the organs and functions of our organism.  This creates a relaxing yet stimulating positive effect on the immune system and enables physical and mental well being.

Clinical aromatherapy massage

Intensive massage includes lymphatic drainage techniques, acupressure and reflexology foot massage with professional oils from the Eve Taylor Institute of Clinical Aromatherapy in London.

Massage with seashells and cinnamon

Nautilus, Aquarius and Nucellus seashells are used to stroke, push and with deep circular movements deeply massage acupressure points throughout the body, from head to toe, including the palms. The stimulating massage accelerates circulation and reduces numerous health issues such as indigestion, muscle tension, blood sugar and fat levels and neutralizes the harmful effects of free radicals. A specially tailored revolutionary oil formula on a cinnamon basis further extends the effects. Added wheat germ oil is rich in vitamin E and antioxidants and perfect for treatment of exhausted and dehydrated skin. The skin is renewed, protected and rejuvenated with added tone while the mesmerizing cinnamon fragrance fills the body with new energy.

Massage with seashells and silk mask

The silk mask texture is exceptionally rich in nutrients. A seashell and silk mask massage is recommended to those looking to restore their skin with tone and moisture. Warm seashells are pressed against acupressure points throughout the body and feet, providing an added level of stimulation to the lymphatic system, thus accelerating the natural detoxification of the body.

Massage with silk scarves and saffron

Saffron resin with wheat germ oil, rich in vitamin E and antioxidants is formulated particularly for massage. A combination of crème and oil has a special aroma and is a symbol of prestige that takes you to a complete state of relaxation and pleasure. The massage includes passive stretching with silk scarves and ends in a relaxing massage with saffron, also known as red gold.

Massage with silk scarves and silk mask

A pleasant aroma and ostrich feathers accompany you on a magical silk road towards pleasure and complete delight. The treatment is supplemented with a pearl shell peeling and stretching with silk scarves. Your skin will regain its elasticity and moisture through a full body calming silk mask.

Aroma massage (Relax, Detox, Flow, Tonic)


A relaxation of the body and mind with anti stress massage techniques and special essential oils and balsam. A full body massage with aromatic oils and balsams relaxes muscle tension and puts you in a relaxed state of mind. The skin regains its elasticity, shine and softness.


A massage aimed at stimulating your metabolism eliminates toxins from your body and improves peripheral circulation. Gentle movements accelerate the lymphatic system and circulation while also removing edema and cellulite...


This massage stimulates and strengthens the immune system by improving circulation. Z uporabo tehnike limfne drenaže in posebnih aroma balzamov učinkovito odpravimo občutek težkih nog.


A tonifying massage that stimulates the metabolism while revitalizing and renewing skin with special aroma balsams and massage techniques.

Tui - Na massage

Tui - Na is a special Chinese energy technique that directly influences the flows of energy by using acupressure in a full body massage. This unique form of Chinese medicinal therapy uses simple manipulations to relax muscles and the body while unblocking energy channels and allowing for improved circulation, reducing muscle Spasms and pains and providing psychophysical relaxation.

Shiatsu massage

Shi - pressure; Atsu - finger

Shiatsu is a traditional Japanese massage technique. It is performed while laying on the ground with static and dynamic moves. The static element of the massage involves use of acupuncture points to balance the body's energy and bring deep relaxation. The therapist uses their body weight to trigger the specific points using the elbow, open palm, fingers, knuckles and knees. This influences the flow of energy through the meridians. The dynamic component of the massage includes rotation, vibration and stretching. All stretches and manipulations are performed using the body weight of the therapist. The word Shiatsu means pressure of the fingers.

Lymphatic drainage massage

Increases the organism's resilience and removal of toxins from the body, reducing edema and sports injury pains. It is also recommended after cosmetic operations.

Salt peeling - anticellulite massage

The body is massaged with a mixture of salts and essential oils that create a stimulating and cleansing effect. It is appropriate for all skin types. The peeling is followed by a massage of sensitive regions with an essential balsam - a unique anticellulite product that speeds up the lymphatic system and detoxification.  It returns the skin its natural flexibility and shine.

Coffee peeling

Aromatic coffee, beans, rice and herbs have an antioxidant effect. They are an active defense against cellulite as they reduce the size of fat cells. The skin becomes smooth, tonified, fresh and filled with youth.

Lulur peeling

This is a traditional Asian treatment of beauty and well being. It utilizes a mixture of tropical herbs and three types of rice. It has an anti-inflammatory effect and it effectively removes skin blemishes and irregularities.

Perfect forms body sculpting treatment

An effective anticellulite treatment for weight reduction, cellulite removal and improvement of skin tone,  it uses peeling techniques to remove dead layers of epidermis, allowing for improved absorption of the cream that speeds up cellular exchange in subcutaneous tissue. he lymphatic system becomes activated while excess water and toxins are drained from the body. An added thermal effect further accelerates the burning of fats.

Decleor aromatherapy

A peeling treatment is first used to remove dead epidermis layers. This is followed by an application of specially formulated aroma balsams, sprays, algae and mud while the body is heated to improve absorption. After showering off a final gentle massage is performed with a nourishing emulsion.

Corpo 02 EXCELLENS - removal of cellulite and fat deposits

A painless application of low frequency galvanic current speeds up the operation of the lymphatic system as it removes toxins from the body, improves circulation and improves elasticity, muscle tone and metabolism, resulting in a new sculpted body.  Lymphatic drainage and muscle stimulation used in tandem effectively remove cellulite and fat deposits.

We recommend 12 to 16 sessions 2 to 3 times weekly.