Nowadays we can hardly imagine living in an environment without gyms and fitness studios, which give all of us the opportunity for quick and efficient workouts in the fast paced modern world. An hour's worth of physical activity squeezed into a tight schedule improves the immune system, improves general fitness and brings some much needed relaxation into the work day. While working out we raise our self esteem and improve productivity, both important factors of a successful and quality life of each individual.

At Sunny Studio we set aside 600 m2 of exercise space for our gym, putting us firmly among the top few fitness and wellness centers in Europe.  Our gym is equipped with state of the art Technogym Selection Line equipment, a top of the line combination of fluid motion, safety, efficiency, accessibility and design. A massive range of Cardio equipment (38) will surprise you with a modern touch screen interface, where you can watch your favorite TV show while you sweat away. As many as 35 different strength training stations are available for you to target specific muscle groups and 3 dedicated stretching stations along with a number of miscellaneous accessories and small equipment assure your stretching goes as it should.

Our wide range of services and solutions is sure to satisfy the most demanding of clients. If you are seeking only to improve you psychophysical fitness, we will provide you with a starter course to familiarize you with the equipment and put together an initial exercise regime. You can then choose an instructor and set up additional test sessions and advanced training regimes.

When your needs increase, your personal trainer will be ready and willing to tailor additional weight loss, muscle gain or muscle tone programs to your individual capabilities and goals. There are also additional programs available for specialized sports coaching and rehabilitation.

Personal workout studios are available for clients who require an additional degree of privacy.

Gym workouts influence many areas of the body:

  • they increase the capabilities of the cardiovascular system and improve general endurance,
  • they improve mobility as a key motor skill,
  • the improve strength and endurance of strength,
  • they influence body composition (rates of lean muscle and body fat).

Work hours:

Moday to Friday from 7:00 to 22.30.

Saturdays, Sundays and holidays from 9.00 to 21.00.