Basic treatments with water and heat have evolved into a myriad of versions through the millennia.   Their purpose is to improve the operation of the lymphatic system, activate the body's natural detoxification mechanisms, strengthen the immune system and improve circulation in the skin.

You can relax in a hot Finnish sauna (85-100°C), infrared sauna (40-60°C) or a milder Bio sauna with aroma and chromotherapy (to 55°C) and take a trip into the dreamy world of pleasure and relaxation.

Divine relaxation and physical benefits await you at:

  • The salt sauna (42-47°C, 100% humidity; best suited for those with reduced tolerance for high temperatures; has a great cleansing effect on skin and the respiratory system),
  • Aroma steam bath (42-45°C, 100% humidity; recommended for skin and hair care, added herbal fragrances and essences improve the relaxing effect),
  • Serail steam bath. After showering the skin is covered in a layer of medicinal mud, which begins to dry due to the heat and humidity, resulting in a detoxifying effect that locks toxins in the mud. By application of steam the mud becomes soft and slowly falls off the body. Gentle rubbing removes any last traces of the mud. The body becomes rejuvenated, the skin is cleansed and the metabolism is stimulated.

Visitors of the saunas can cool off between sessions with one of the following features:

  • ice cave (ice crystals on walls and special lighting create a refreshing and stimulating effect and positively influence circulation; 5°C),
  • cooling bath,
  • whirlpools,
  • Kneipp baths,
  • tropical rain (adventure shower with special light and aroma therapy).

For complete relaxation there are also:

  • a Tepidarium - quiet room with ergonomically designed ceramic beds, heated to body temperature,
  • a cosy place for a rest by a fireplace and a large resting room with comfortable deck chairs.

Work hours:

Moday to Friday from 15.00 to 22.00

Saturdays, Sundays and holidays from 15.00 to 21.00.

Admission to the SPA centre includes the use of two towels and slippers. Upon arrival at the SPA personal belongings are to be deposited in the dressing rooms. Mobile phones must be switched to silent mode. Please do not disturb other SPA visitors during rest and relaxation with loud talking.