Spa Marine Privilege

Spa Marine Privilege products are renowned for their gentle texture and extravagant fragrance of gold and pearl particles. All the products are made with the greatest attention to detail. The power of sun, pearls, gold and golden algae are distilled into a beneficial skin treatment. The skin becomes covered in golden glamour. A rich scent protects, stimulates and enriches the skin and prevents premature aging.

Spa Pearl Therapy

A pearl, the purest symbol of relaxation, peace, elegance and femininity derives its value from a high content of minerals, proteins and aminoacids that help bring your skin to a glow. The treatment nourishes, softens and firms the skin. It is appropriate for all skin types.

Face and body treatment consists of:

  • full body and face peeling,
  • body wrap,
  • nourishing face mask,
  • body massage with magic pearl emulsion.

Spa Gold Therapy

Sun is a divine light. Renew your skin with golden algae. In a treatment with iron rich golden algae your body will be enveloped in gold and bathed in a sense of glamour and revitalization. The power of the sun, gold and golden algae is brought together in body care products with a unique composition and fragrance which protect, stimulate and nourish the skin in order to slow down its aging.

Body care treatment:

  • body peeling,
  • body wrap,
  • body massage with Gold Star Nectar emulsion combined with warm herbal sacs.